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Pest Control 24 Provides a Fast and Professional service for all your Pest problems throughout Somerton AZ.

We offer a fast response and can be at your property in no time as we know how stressful some pests can be. We undertake all Somerton AZ Pests from Mice Removals, Rat Removal, Wasp Nest Removals, Moth Removal, Flea Infestation, Bird Proofing and much more.

We are all Fully Qualified and Insured and we only use the latest chemicals so there will be no need for a second visit.

Also our friendly Pest Controllers will talk you through each step of the way and they will also advise you on how to deter pests from your premises in the future.

Wasp Nests in Somerton AZ

Last year we took the largest amount of calls to remove Wasp Nests and they were all removed successfully, we were inundated with Wasp Nests it was a very busy year for Wasps, this year they have started early again too, but we are not sure at the moment whether it is going to be as busy as last year.

We also offer a 1 Hour Response to anyone that suffers from an Allergic Reaction to wasps, just let us know when you make the initial call and we will then make you priority and we will do our upmost to be at your property within an hour.

We also have “Customer Feedback” on our Website from our many happy Somerton AZ customers that we have successfully removed Pest from their home or garden and our aim is to continue with our Service that we provide.

Fleas Exterminator in Somerton AZ

You need to look for professional assistance when there are more than 5 to 6 mice present in the house. Mice reproduce at a very fast rate and thus it is better to seek expert assistance at the earliest to manage their growth and reduce the damage.
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Somerton, AZ USA

Phone: 877-346-4068

Hours: 24/7

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